About us

Mr Neil Francis, CEO of Catalyst 2 Action P/L

ResearchSquirrel endorses the Code of Professional Behaviour of the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS).

ResearchSquirrel is brought to you by Catalyst 2 Action Pty Ltd. We've been providing specialised services to entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals and NGOs for twenty years. We pride ourselves in helping enterprises improve their performance and profitability.

We deliberatively blend two factors into everything we do. Firstly, our products and methods are directly backed by empirical scientific research so that you can reap the benefits of proven foundations rather than resorting to fickle ‘conventional wisdom’, populist notions or mere hearsay.

Secondly, we combine the science with the best of real-world, competitive street smarts, effectively translating live research into rich, deep understanding delivered on a modest budget: insights that fuel superior results.

It all adds up to what we call Penetrating affordable insights.™

CEO Mr Neil Francis has decades of experience in primary scientific research, market research, innovative executive-level international business, national and global NGO leadership, and the delivery of postgraduate entrepreneurship education.

He leads a team with in-depth experience in groundbreaking research, from projects for private schools and NGOs, to market tracking studies for global brands like Hyundai, Johnson & Johnson, AT&T, Gillette and Miller.

The ResearchSquirrel team get their professional jollies through helping you and your enterprise shape strengthened and invigorated performance to achieve your every goal.

To commence your journey we invite you to review what you get, and our product portfolio.

If you're time-poor and want to get to the nub of things quickly, check out our pithy overview. We also warmly invite you to contact us for a confidential and obilgation-free discussion about your specific needs.

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