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ResearchSquirrel Professional market research at a fraction of the cost

The solution to guesswork and excessive costs

For entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals and NGOs, the risks of guesswork and well-meaning but inexperienced DIY research are substantial ... yet the cost of decision-supporting, professional, commercial-grade market research has been prohibitive. ResearchSquirrel™ solves the problem.

ResearchSquirrel maximises decision-supporting insights

No matter what kind of decisions you need to make about your enterprise, ResearchSquirrel maximises the insights you gain from research so you can foster success and minimise risk. Our expertise ensures that insights go deeper than the superficially obvious, delivering penetrating comprehension of your market and stakeholders. Examples include:

Market segmentation

Identify important value differentiators amongst market subgroups so that you can perfect the right product offers to each segment.

Product development

Understand how the market is likely to respond to new or revised product offers including buyer priorities in specific features and benefits, pricing attitudes and other factors.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty

Determine customer satisfaction and loyalty, revealing areas of your brand’s vulnerability that need addressing and competitor vulnerabilities that present switching opportunities.


Uncover the beliefs, attitudes and dispositions the market holds about you and your competitors’ brands, or test and refine a new or revised brand before taking it to market.


Discover the key messages your target audience values and how well your advertising communicates them before spending big on media.

Competitive benchmarking

Compare key differentiators amongst competitors so that you can optimise your business and take advantage of any gaps in the market.

Purchase behaviour

Understand not only who is buying what, but why, how, when and where, so you can optimise your offers.

Market trends

Garner insights into the future of your industry’s marketplace for more accurate forecasting and the opportunity to take advantage of change.

Employee satisfaction

Explore employees' real attitudes and needs so that you can improve the people-oriented facets of your business.


ResearchSquirrel saves you money

For entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals and NGOs who don't enjoy the economies of scale of large corporations, commercial-grade research has simply been out of financial reach. Even large corporations often limit their decision-supporting market ressearch due to traditionally high costs.

$ caronbluemicro.gif $

A mere three or four focus groups can cost as much as a brand new micro car.


$$ caronbluesedan.gif $$

Just three questions added to an existing national omnibus can cost as much as a brand new, economical family sedan.


$$$ caronblue4wd.gif $$$

A custom-designed quantitative national survey can cost as much as a brand new, plush family saloon.


How do we make our expert insights so cost-effective?

  1. You engage researchers with powerful expertise, not powerful (and costly) egos.
  2. You don't pay for big, fancy offices. Our experts work where it's effective, not where it's expensive.
  3. You don't pay for layers of management, salespeople, or for luxury cars.
  4. In fact, you don’t pay for cars (or travel) at all because we don’t spend time in traffic snarls to meet with you: we use digital technologies including video calls to work quickly and directly with you from our desk to yours.
  5. We conduct online self-complete survey research and depth interviews: no mall intercepts, in-home meetings, store tests, phone banks, taste-test kitchens, paperwork, or manual typing. If you need any of that it's available elsewhere — at much higher cost.
  6. We automate everything routine so that you invest in our experts for expertise, not mechanics.
  7. We don't pay for bad debts, and neither do you. That's why you pay the low investment amount up front. You were going to pay anyway, right?
  8. We don't offer free quotes. Our exceptionally competitive investment rates are published here and speak for themselves. If you need a costing for respondent recruitment, that will be calculated and reported in the Module 1: Research Plan.

ResearchSquirrel ensures a precise and valid questionnaire

Your enterprise has its own distinctive context and circumstances so what you need to know from market research is unique. Off-the-shelf generic questionnaire templates simply can't meet that need. Even templates that are said to be 'certified by experts' can be traps that offer impoverished comprehension or may even result in catastrophic business decisions.


Industrial survey failure

Sprockets Ltd (not their real name) surveyed its clients using a free template and asked clients to rate how well the Sprockets sales representatives built and maintained a personal relationship with them. It received a positive though modest result, so Sprockets directed its sales reps to invest more effort in building relationships. Sales went down because clients began avoiding Sprockets' sales reps as a result of unwelcome relationship effort.


Retail survey failure

Bling Depot (not their real name) surveyed its customers using a free 'customer satisfaction' template. It was unable to decide on any improvement programs because the survey information, while 'interesting,' was too vague to provide direction. We critique the free template here.

ResearchSquirrel designs robust and tailored questionnaires so your insights are not only valid but invaluable.

ResearchSquirrel keeps you on the right track

Given the high cost of commercial-grade research it's natural to consider the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach. However, the non-expert DIY researcher can fall for any of a number of common hazards. With ResearchSquirrel you'll avoid traps such as these:

  • Problem definition: e.g.
    • too vague to support specific decisions
    • researching the wrong thing
  • Methodology: doesn't properly support the kind of insights required
  • Questionnaire or interview guide: e.g.
    • absent or poor screener question
    • vague, ambiguous or confusing questions
    • biased questions
    • improperly constructed questions
    • repeated questions (in different words)
    • simplistic questions deriving too little insight
    • questions that don't meet information needs
    • inappropriate or biased question sequence
  • Invalid or biased respondent recruitment or sampling
  • Improper respondent incentivisation
  • Erroneous analysis: e.g.
    • incorrect calculations
    • invalid 'statistics'
    • over-reading the results
    • overlooking key results
  • Mistaken interpretation: e.g.
    • biased or erroneous attribution of meaning
    • misunderstood correlations
    • wrongly implied causation

ResearchSquirrel research is led by professional, experienced researchers so you can be confident you're on the right track.

ResearchSquirrel: modularised for flexibility

Enjoy plump market insights fasterResearchSquirrel services are offered in modules, so while you can easily purchase a full-service study, you can also purchase select services only. You pick and choose the services you need, and do the ones you're comfortable with yourself.

Being light on your pocket, shrewd in design and nimble in implementation, ResearchSquirrel helps you scurry up your research tree and enjoy those plump acorns (precious market insights) faster.

Core Modules

ResearchSquirrel services are shaped through five core Modules.

Research design
1. Research plan

Your obectives and key decisison needs inform the design of a professional research plan.

Questionnaire design
2. Questionnaire design

An exacting and high-validity questionnaire is prepared on the basis of the research plan.

Questionnaire hosting
3. Questionnaire hosting

The questionnaire is implemented and hosted online.

Technical analysis
4. Primary analysis

A fundamental analysis is conducted of all questions in the survey.

Executive report
5. Advanced insights

A high-insights report is prepared in a form suitable for informing and persuading key stakeholders.


ResearchSquirrel enhancements


Optional enhancements allow you to extend the breadth and depth of your research study as required.

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Popular ResearchSquirrel combo packs

Popular Combo Packs

ResearchSquirrel services also come in popular pre-configured packs for your convenience.

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How it worksHow it works

1. Purchase

You     purchase the services you need, providing us with your    digital contact details at the    checkout.


2. Commence

A ResearchSquirrel    specialist promptly    contacts you to commence your project.


3. Complete

You and the specialist collaborate using the most appropriate                  digital technologies to successfully complete your project.

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ResearchSquirrel™ is the right solution because:

  • You side-step prohibitive research costs
  • You avoid common and serious DIY research mistakes
  • You work directly with professional market research experts
  • You choose only the modules of research you need help with
  • The research is customised to your exact needs: no unsuitable, vague or error-filled generic research templates
  • You gain maximum market insights within your budget
  • You save time by getting straight to the nub of your information and decision-making needs
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