Pack: Get going

Get-started pack
Get-going pack

Get-going pack

Get-going pack
This pack gets you going with professional research design and questionnaire, and you take it from there.

This pack gets your research project up and running. It's also the right pack to use if you're going to do the fieldwork yourself, including personal interviewing with paper-based forms. It includes the following products:

Please check each listed product to ensure that the pack contains the options you want.

If your questionnaire grows to more than twenty questions   as we collaborate on the design of your study, you can easily purchase additional question design to meet your expanded needs.

Other considerations
If your research involves the participation of any minors (persons under the age of 18 years), please contact us prior to purchasing products for your study: Strict additional requirements apply.
ResearchSquirrel adheres to professional ethics standards. Examples of conduct that is prohibited from ResearchSquirrel studies include:

  • Push polling: Deliberately biasing the research in order to favour particular results.
  • Selling: Attempting to close sales via the research.
  • Harmful products: Products such as tobacco that necessarily cause harm.
  • Unlawful activity: Conduct or products that are unlawful unless the research is in respect only of policy development, or behaviour or law reform.
  • Disrespect: Research that makes unreasonable demands of respondents or contains offensive expression.


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Get-going pack

Get your research plan set and a professional, high-validity questionnaire designed.

SKU: RS-M01 / RS-M02
Module 1: Research plan
Module 2: Questionnaire design

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