Proprietary models

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Proprietary models

ResearchSquirrel proprietary models

ResearchSquirrel proprietary models add unique and deep insights that boost the quality and effectiveness of your decision making.


Highlights the what, how, who and where of your minimum viable product (MVP) as you launch to market and progress through the early lifecycle, in order to maximise initial sales volume (penetration strategy) or profitability (skimming strategy).


Exposes how loyal customers are — or aren't! — to your brand, and to other brands in the category, permitting insights into what to do to shore up the bond in customers' minds towards buying from you.


Reveals specific blockages in customer attitudes and behaviour that impede sales, including your communications exposure and quality, buyer versus non-buyer perceptions, purchase opportunities and other fundamental processes. Insights help you fix obstructions and build sales without wasting time and effort changing tactics that are already working well.


CultureSentinel logoProvides an organisation's Board with a dashboard of leading and current indicators about enterprise culture, summarising strengths, weaknesses and any significant points of potential legal or ethical failure. Provides senior executives with a 'heatmap' of problem areas, including which aspects of organisational culture need attention. Provides management with culture performance metrics that can be incorporated into effective compensation packages.

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