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The missions of non-government organisations (NGOs) and other not-for-profit authorities generally fall into the following broad types:

  • Delivering charitable or publicly-sponsored services, for example for disability, crisis accommodation, humanitarian aid, legal advice & representation, or medical research.
  • Discharging duties as the responsible authority for implementing a government program, for example regulating an industry sector, authorising building permits or operating a public registry.
  • Effecting behavioural change, for example conserving resources, recycling waste, exercising more, limiting exposure to direct sun or reducing alcohol consumption.
  • Influencing government policy change or law reform, for example environment or immigration policy, business sector regulation, or on social issues such as personal rights and freedoms.

As an NGO or authority, achieving significant results on a tightly constrained budget is second nature to you. Until now, access to commercial-grade research in support of your strategic and operational decisions has been strictly limited. But no more: ResearchSquirrel can cost-effectively help you to, for example:

  • Determine the true market awareness of your services, and those of any competitors.
  • Assess and strengthen your organisation’s brand, including relative to any competitors.
  • Frame and prioritise your portfolio of issues on the basis of stakeholder views, determining which should receive the strongest attention and resources.
  • Effectively set the nuances of policy positions on the basis of stakeholder views.
  • Segment your base to guide more effective engagement efforts, not just on demographics, behaviours and attitudes, but on strength of attitudes, perceived roles, sense of identity and other factors.
  • Utilise the most persuasive messaging that gets people engaged and mobilised, including donating, championing and participating.
  • Align your practices with the real, underlying motives of benefactors, influencers and volunteers.
  • Offer the most welcome mix of non-cash compensation to employees.
  • Understand the characteristics of employee & volunteer burnout and intention to leave, to help retain key talent and enterprise memory.
  • Drive desirable behaviour change, whether it be to undertake, substitute or avoid actions.
  • Mould your service delivery to match the manner in which your clients would really like to receive them.
  • Structure your membership efforts to maximise subscription and satisfaction.

In the context of your current challenges, ResearchSquirrel works with you to refine your information needs, execute cost-effective, professional research and to deliver the most valuable and persuasive insights that help you comprehensively accomplish your mission. Now there’s no defense for making enterprise-critical decisions without solid evidence.


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