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Large, complex organisations present their own special challenges. Titanic product portfolios, multiple customer segments and numerous departments and teams can provoke conflicts in interests, challenges in resourcing and confusion in defending and growing multiple markets. An effective method to address these issues is to employ solid empirical evidence in the support of robust and defensible enterprise decisions.

ResearchSquirrel can provide penetrating insights that inform and persuade internal and external stakeholders, such as how to:

  • Defend, guide and build brand value on the basis of actual market perceptions about your and the competitions' important brand attributes.
  • Build customer loyalty whether it is towards an individual product, a product line or department, or the enterprise’s umbrella brand.
  • Minimise churn from your own brand while converting competitors’ weakly-aligned customers into your own trialists and repeat buyers.
  • Test a potential major market initiative prior to implementing it, including fine-tuning aspects of the plan.
  • Assess a recent major market campaign and market perceptions of it including awareness, attitudes, dispositions and behaviour.
  • Fix bottlenecks in customer buying cycles from initial communication and attribute associations, though decision making and purchase, to evaluation and future intent.
  • Maximise media budget effectiveness with persuasive executions, as well as optimised placement, reach and frequency based on where and how customers expect and prefer to receive messages.
  • Estimate profit variations under changes to a product line, whether anticipating a new product (and the potential for sales cannibalism) or rationalising a portfolio.
  • Structure the business to interface with customers in a manner that customers value most, especially across lines and departments.
  • Respond — or not — to a competitor initiative and determine what impacts each alternative is likely to have on your bottom line.
  • Use highly-targeted appeals that work with customer sub-segments to maximise profitability.
  • Review customer satisfaction and streamline the attributes of your offers, buying process, products and after-sales service to drive more positive customer evaluations.
  • Adopt, reconfigure or decline a sponsorship opportunity on the basis of the market’s perceived value.
  • Implement the most valued CSR initiatives and communicate them effectively to the right target customers.
  • Evaluate staff satisfaction and determine what elements of culture, process, structure and compensation attract and retain the right talent, protecting corporate memory and performance.
  • Determine the knowledge and attitudes of shareholders and financial advisors to better help the Board and C-Suite map and communicate strategic direction, culture, policies and investment.
  • Judge the attitudes of shareholders towards a takeover bid.
  • Shape your responses to a corporate crisis with reference to real and evolving market perceptions and values.

Now that professional market and stakeholder research is more affordable then ever, there’s no reason to fly by the seat of your pants. Align stakeholders and heighten performance with the aid of independent, expert, high-value insights.


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