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As a business owner, one of your key responsibilities is to master and employ critical market-wide insights to defend and grow your enterprise.  Whether you’re in manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, network coordination, industry sector intermediation, bricks-and-mortar or online retail, intimately understanding both your existing and potential customer bases is paramount.

ResearchSquirrel can help fuel effective decisions that power profit and growth. For example:

  • Focus on profitable segments: clearly identify the most profitable market segments, leaving your competitors to squabble over the others.
  • Maximise awareness and recall: determine what proportion of the market is aware of your and competitor brands, and how easily they each come to mind and are to find when customers are thinking of buying. Correct gaps in your own brand’s performance in the most cost-effective way possible.
  • Deploy the most compelling branding: ascertain how your brand is really perceived by the market, including how easily they ‘get’ your value proposition, believe or like it, and how well it resonates compared with your competition. Find out how to correct it if adjustments are needed.
  • Build loyalty: convert as many of your ‘habitual’ buyers (those who usually buy from you but could be off to the competition for their next purchase) as possible into loyal buyers, and win over your competitors’ “vulnerable” customers.
  • Increase share-of-wallet: uncover what other products your existing customers would be keen to purchase from you and how profitable those would be, helping determine whether the R&D, more complex inventory management, and market-launch costs would be warranted.
  • Improve contribution margins: Structure your business and offers to minimise customer focus on discounting so that you’re not leaving cash value on the table.
  • Refine your operational processes: sell your product using the methods that best match the actual interests, wishes and real-world processes of your customers, not just your own preferences.
  • Squash service problems: Discover and eliminate festering service problems that are damaging your business. For example, do customers love your products but hate how slow your delivery, or how error-prone your billing department, is? What are the key dimensions that make your customers share positive — and negative — experiences on social media?
  • Strengthen core competencies: attract, develop, organise and retain the right kind of talent who deliver and cherish the core competencies your customers value most.

You may be facing specific challenges that require rapid and effective solutions, or simply looking for opportunities to broadly improve profitability and grow your enterprise.

In either case, ResearchSquirrel works with you to refine your needs and the information required, to execute high-validity research and to deliver the most valuable and persuasive insights that underpin your decisions on moving forward.


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