Enhancement 3E. Export raw survey data

Enhancement 3E. Export raw survey data
Export raw survey data

Enhancement 3E. Export raw survey data

Module 3
This enhancement applies to Module 3

If ResearchSquirrel has hosted your online questionnaire, you may wish to conduct further detailed analyses of your own, or simply hold an archival copy of the raw data from your study.

To obtain a copy of your raw survey data, purchase this enhancement. After the ResearchSquirrel fieldwork is closed and signed off, we extract the raw questionnaire data for you and deliver it in a Microsoft Excel file (.XLSX), along with a detailed code book of all questions.

Other Considerations
This enhancement is not available and you cannot obtain a copy of the raw survey data if your study includes any ResearchSquirrel models. ResearchSquirrel models are based on proprietary statistical methods and are subject to specific and careful interpretation by our experts. If you have purchased this enhancement and your study includes any ResearchSquirrel models, your payment for this enhancement will be refunded.
ResearchSquirrel strictly maintains privacy of respondents except where respondents have been expressly advised in advance of participation that privacy is not maintained. Data export will not include questions or variables that would reasonably allow you to identify the responses of personally-identifiable respondents. For example, if your sample includes very few females of "Senior Executive" level in your staff survey, questions will be excluded from the raw data export that would allow you to so identify those few people or determine their responses to particular questions.

You will be notified in advance of any questions or variables that will be excluded from the export, if any. If so, you may choose to proceed with the export or to cancel your purchase of this Enhancement for a refund.


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Enhancement 3E. Export raw survey data

Get a copy of your survey raw response data in Microsoft Excel (.XLSX) file format, with a full codebook.


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