Enhancement 5P. Executive presentation deck

Enhancement 5T. Run additional tab
Executive presentation deck

Enhancement 5P. Executive presentation deck

Enhancement 5T: Run additional tabThis enhancement applies to Module 5

With this enhancement, ResearchSquirrel prepares a high-level presentation deck of critical messages, tables and charts to convey key decision-making information to your most important stakeholders in a readily-digestible format.

The deck allows you and your executives to present, inform, convince and win the support of other influencers and decision makers. We work with you to ensure the most critical information is included up front in a manner that best "tells the story", with selected tables and charts in an Appendix as backup for the most likely questions.

Once the structure and content of the deck is finalised with you, we provide two copies of the deck, each in PDF format: one as a handout of just the slides, for your audience, and the other of the slides with speaking notes for the presenter.

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Enhancement 5P. Executive Presentation deck

Prepare an executive presentation deck of key information from Module 5: Advanced insights.



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